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Language Development at home – LSRW Strategies for parents

L – Strategies to build on children’s Listening skills at home Narrating stories to children in different languages  Exposing children to different accents (through age-appropriate movies, youtube videosetc.) Listening and enjoying different genres of music as a family  Subscribing and listening to audio books and news (helps familiarize and expose them tonew vocabulary) Engaging in conversations with […]

10 unconventional, effective virtual assessment ideas for Early Years Educators

Fun, fair and fearless assessments 1.  Cookies and conversations: Arranging for a virtual cookies and conversations session between 2 to 3 children led by the teacher talking about different situations, likes, dislikes, holidays, emotions. A great way to check on children’s language and socio-emotional skills! 2. Scrapbook and presentation: Getting children to build their own scrapbook throughout the quarter by […]

Managing a classroom

Managing a classroom

Working with young children is fun but can be challenging as far as classroom management is concerned. As a preschool teacher it is important to first understand what the child is trying to convey and then manage those actions. As you will see in the list most suggestions revolve around teachers rather than children because […]

10 Fun and Simple Pre-Writing Tips

10 Fun and Simple Pre-Writing Tips

Parents might be concerned if their preschooler faces difficulty with writing. Before a preschooler can start writing, the finger and hand muscles need to be strengthened. It is not as complicated as it sounds though! Focus and conscious efforts on developing pre-writing skills can work wonders! It isn’t a one- time event…it has to be […]

Ways to achieve high levels of classroom productivity

Ways to achieve high levels of classroom productivity

A productive classroom is a happy one! It means that in a productive classroom students take ownership for their learning and are meaningfully engaged. They play an active role in the learning process thereby increasing the overall class productivity. Positive and productive classrooms lead to student’s emotional, social and academicexcellence. Unfortunately, productive classrooms do not […]

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