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L – Strategies to build on children’s Listening skills at home

  1. Narrating stories to children in different languages 
  2. Exposing children to different accents (through age-appropriate movies, youtube videos
  3. Listening and enjoying different genres of music as a family 
  4. Subscribing and listening to audio books and news (helps familiarize and expose them to
    new vocabulary)
  5. Engaging in conversations with different family members and friends 

    S – Strategies to build on children’s Speaking skills at home

  6. Initiating and participating in conversations with family members and friends (open-ended
    conversations are more engaging and fruitful than the close-ended ones)
  7. Setting up playdates with friends where they get a chance to share and interact with their
  8. Pretend play activities like an imaginary restaurant or setting up an imaginary tea party or
    any other scenario of their choice. These give children an opportunity to role play and
    practice their conversational skills in a non-threatening way
  9. Let children get together, enact a play and record it & play it back to the family as an
    entertainment evening
  10. Let children become news readers – where they read, understand and share 2 to 3 positive
    news in front of the family members every evening

    R – Strategies to build on children’s Reading skills at home  

  11. Reading different age-appropriate story books, magazines etc.
  12. Reading different labels on cartons, chocolates, cookie boxes etc.
  13. Helping them read and find different letters or words in a newspaper or magazine or a book
  14. Showing them different hoardings or advertisements while traveling such that they attempt
    to read the words and sentences
  15. Helping them create a flip book or a wall with all the new words they learn in a day and
    read them every night before going to bed

    W – Strategies to build on children’s Writing skills at home  

  16. Writing could be in the form of mind maps or graphic organizers where they write
    important words in bubbles and make connections (helps them remember the concepts
  17. Children could be encouraged to write about their illustrations, their feelings, their
    thoughts, what they want to become etc. on blank sheets of paper
  18. Writing through pretend play – where children are encouraged to write their own menu
    cards for the restaurant or a prescription for a patient etc.
  19. Writing using different mediums like sketch pens, paints, twigs, colour pencils, markers
    etc. to make writing fun and exciting
  20. Using a variety of textures for writing like ruled sheets, blank-coloured sheets, textured
    papers, cardboard boxes, white boards, on the ground with a chalk


Riddhi Shah

Riddhi’s role as an Educational Consultant and Curriculum expert at ACE involves developing different national & international curriculums, training teachers for skills upgradation, developing policies and guiding school teams for success and growth.

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