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Quick ideas to make the virtual 'first day' of School fun for children
  1. Prepare for a fun head gear before you enter the virtual classroom. It could be a superhero band or a tinker bell or clown hair. With lots of drama and voice modulation, introduce yourself and invite children to introduce themselves too! Follow it up with a song or a story!

  2. Have peppy numbers playing in the background while children enter the virtual classroom. Together move and dance on the tunes

  3. Dress as a familiar story character and begin with a story by involving all children

  4. Have a virtual background of a park or rainbows or any theme and plan short activities related to it

  5. Have conversations with children and get to know them – let them introduce themselves, talk about the holidays, their favourite food etc.

  6. Send a note prior to have children dress as they like – in their favourite t-shirt or wear their favourite cap etc.

  7. Engage in a music and movement session with them – could be their favourite rhymes or some familiar songs like lakdi ki kathi etc. with actions. To make it fun, you may invite their parents to participate too

  8. Plan a fun parent-child activity where together they either they engage in card making or t-shirt painting or a simple fireless cooking activity

  9. Engage in a badge making activity where all classmates including the teacher make a colourful badge for themselves and write their name on it. Have all children wear the badges at the end of the class and take a class picture

  10. Have a breakfast or a brunch party! Send a note prior for the parents to arrange for children’s favourite snack – could be a khakhra, cookies or sandwiches along with some fresh fruit juice or a fruit and have it together as a class. Use this opportunity to converse with children and understand about their likes, dislikes etc.


Riddhi Shah

Riddhi’s role as an Educational Consultant and Curriculum expert at ACE involves developing different national & international curriculums, training teachers for skills upgradation, developing policies and guiding school teams for success and growth.

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