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Are we ready Mumbai?

Mumbai reported no loss of life due to Covid today, which is welcome news, and with the Economist publishing an article that we may be witnessing the end of the pandemic and the beginning of an epidemic, the world at large recognizes the reality of living with the virus with all social distancing norms and […]

Language Development at home – LSRW Strategies for parents

L – Strategies to build on children’s Listening skills at home Narrating stories to children in different languages  Exposing children to different accents (through age-appropriate movies, youtube videosetc.) Listening and enjoying different genres of music as a family  Subscribing and listening to audio books and news (helps familiarize and expose them tonew vocabulary) Engaging in conversations with […]

Must-Have C’s for School Leaders

As we move into the physical school reality (well some States at least, and some grades at least), the onus of steering the path ahead lies with the leadership team. These are indeed extraordinary times, and as PN2 (pioneers of the new normal), everyone will go down in history as being the ‘first’. Not sure many would […]

The Parent-School Make-Up Time?

The Parent-School Make-Up Time?

Since last March 2020 when the first lockdown was announced, the Indian education system has been a subject of many ‘heated’ conversations & disputes (well most industries have had their share of challenges too!) and perhaps the collective partnership between the school managements and their parent community left two stake-holders in a rather unusual & […]

10 ‘Think-Abouts’

1. What you feel is important, and critical to admit to it – could be anger, resentment, boredom, frustration, irritation, envy, love, happiness, sadness or even being tired. It is normal to experience a range of emotions (and the ‘negative’ ones are not ‘unacceptable’ but real emotions so there is no judgement when you share […]

Empathy as a subject

Over our usual dinner conversation last night, my 15 year made a statement that left an impact. “Ma, through the pandemic as I follow world news and especially in this country where people think of making money off worried patients (oxygen tanks, vaccine jab scams), crime (rape statistics are scary), ‘maskless’ photographs being circulated about […]

Virtual School Start Readiness For Principals

Consider the grade-wise, section wise ‘syllabus’ for the year and evaluate it basis of essential/non-negotiables against the backdrop of a virtual engagement for most parts of the academic year, and a physical interface when the world does normalise. Rushing to ‘complete’ with practical challenges of fatigue etc needs to be factored in when planning in […]

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