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Curriculum Designs

Our experience and expertise with customised curriculum design from macro to micro has been well received. The USP lies in creating an unique curriculum plan as per the vision of the school and incorporating best practices given our exposure to different academic boards and working with a number of brands pan India.
The emphasis is on hands-on learning, detailed lesson plans, focused learning objectives and outcomes and a range of activities and resources included that make them implementable in a classroom. Often plans are ‘picture perfect’ on paper but lack functionality in a classroom given demographics are different from school to school and therefore we are mindful of this.
Curriculum design, apart from lesson plans includes homework and assessment strategies factoring in Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles

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“Curriculum is a tool in the hand of the artist (Teacher), to mould his materials (Students), according to his ideals (aim and objectives) in his studio(Classroom). Team ACE brings this quote alive by empowering the schools with a  curriculum which prepares the teachers and the children for the ever-changing world. Whatever be the recommended curriculum that is derived from experts in the field be it NCERT, IGCSE,IB. The written curriculum is the one usually created by Team ACE to bring the recommendations to life with effective support of an activity-based execution combined with complimentary instructional materials available, such as textbooks, software and multimedia resources. The highlight of their skills is in the learned curriculum which is the  bottom-line curriculum- what students learn. Clearly it is the most important of all combined with the hidden curriculum (a term  coined by Jackson,1968) is the unintended curriculum- what students learn from the flow of the plan which includes life skills and core values that governs the vision of the school… Team ACE crafts the curriculum that meets the needs of the 21st century teachers and learners.” Nitya Ramaswami,Independent Educationalist/Consultant, Curriculum Development

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