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Customising Learning Outcomes

‘Academic-year-starts’ are crucial periods of transitioning #students from their previous year learning milestones in another grade to their current ones. Even more so with physical classes resuming, these initial 3/4 months or Quarter 1 becomes a huge opportunity for #teachers to rebuild and reboot. Invited to observe processes as part of the ACE Sports Edu […]

Weekend Parenting What’s That?

With most national curriculum and some international schools back to routines (and thankfully for parents in the physical world), parents whose Monday-Friday schedules are now packed with school drop off and pick up times and classes after school hours to coordinate, find themselves scratching their heads about the weekend. From my experience, it ranges from […]

Parenting Covidkids

“Thank god schools have resumed, and we hope this year there are no breaks with the physical routines because I simply cannot cope with 2 young children at home. And I need to get my life back on track!” “I feel like I have let me kids down because I was overwhelmed with the responsibility. […]

Beware! Post Covid Realities will need Time & Patience

The gradual ‘normalisation’ of school hours for a large majority of national and international schools has been a welcome sign for the community at large including managements, principals and most of all, the teachers, who now can address the learning lags seamlessly (in-person conclusively aids effective understanding of concepts, even clarifications for what students have […]

New Variants in Indian Education

“A well educated and productive population is crucial for the country’s vision of becoming a vibrant and knowledge based economy,”reads the quote by Sunhw Lee in today’s #indianexpress paper. Agreed #humancapital is the key to developing the future, an article well documented by Dilip Thakore in EducationWorld India’s recent magazine. Which brings to the emergence […]

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